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Antidote Signature Membership

At Antidote we believe it takes commitment to take care of yourself.  We created our monthly memberships as a way for you to do just that. Because every individual’s needs are different we offer three levels of membership.  No matter which level you choose, the benefits to your health and well being will be significant.



Here’s how it works:

Decide which level of membership is for you.

Join by filling out appropriate paperwork and paying applicable joining fee.

Your credit card will be charged the appropriate fee around the first of each month.

Each month choose a “pod” from your level and call and book your appointment.

Be sure to present your membership card in order to receive discounts.

Enjoy built in value as well as additional membership benefits associated with each level.

Tell everyone you are a member of Antidote Spa & Salon!


Five Important Rules to Remember:

The membership can only be used by YOU, no sharing or gifting.

If you don’t use it for the month, you lose it.  No exceptions!

If you NO-SHOW your appointment your membership is considered redeemed for that month.

No exchanging services or negotiating.  We do however take suggestions for future offerings.

If you want to end your membership, you simply need to give a complete 30 days notice.


Your membership agreement will include all applicable details. 

So what are you waiting for?  We built Antidote for YOU!




Level 3 Member

Monthly fee for membership……$113.00

Joining fee for membership…….$40.00


Level 2 Member

Monthly fee for membership…..$90.00

Joining Fee for membership…..$45.00


Level 1 Member

Monthly fee for membership…….$70.00

Joining fee for membership…..…$50.00


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