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Antidote Business Membership

Antidote business memberships are designed specifically for any business with three or

more employees as a way to benefit, incentivize or reward staff members.



Here’s how it works:

—   Join by filling out the appropriate paper work.  This can be done via email for your


—   Antidote waives the joining fee for all business memberships!

—   Provide the credit card of your choice.  This card will be charged the membership fee

       between the 1st and 5th of each month.  Rather not use a credit card, simply issue a

       business  check for 4-6 month intervals of membership. We will contact you when

       future   payments are due.

—   Each month, one member of your staff will pick a “pod” of services of their choice, call

       and book their appointment.

—   Be sure to book under the business membership and to present your membership card

       at time of service.


Six important rules to remember:

—   The business membership must be used by someone either related to or employed by

       the actual business holding the membership.                             

—   If you don’t use it for a month, you lost it. No exceptions!

—   If you business happens to “no-show” their appointment your membership is considered

       redeemed for that month.

—   No exchanging or negotiating pods of service. 

—   Memberships are continuous unless you sign up under different arrangements.

—   You can cancel your membership at any time simply by giving us 30 days notice.





Antidote is a full service spa and salon with the mission of offering         relaxing, rejuvenating, health conscious treatments.

With your business membership, choose any one POD to be redeemed during the month.

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